Alpha Forest International, Inc.

Alpha Forest International, Inc.

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What We Do

Alpha Forest International, Inc. (AFI) specializes in importing, producing and sourcing high quality forest products worldwide, with an additional focus on the exportation of logs for engineered wood flooring and manufacturer use. AFI takes pride in providing lumber that customers can count on, delivering directly to plywood and lumber distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, pro yards and big boxes.   

Experienced and Reliable

AFI is committed to excellence with a seasoned management team showcasing nearly 200 years of combined practical experience. With reputable working relationships with facilities in Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, AFI continues to establish itself as a global leader focused on client satisfaction and ensuring quality control worldwide.      

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The AFI team is dedicated to providing a consistent and positive customer experience, highly valuing personal connection and attention to detail with each client. Internally, AFI seeks to create a trustworthy culture that is welcoming and constantly evolving, which serves as the foundation of the respect and hospitality given to each and every single AFI customer.

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Alpha Forest International, Inc.

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